Let's start raising your awareness...

This is a 2 module course designed to raise your awareness of the unique leader within you.  This course shares some golden pieces of information and encourages you to identify your key growth area - creating an active purpose and enabling you to create a clear focus on your leadership development. 

Get started with the self awareness quiz - identifying and reflecting on how self aware you currently are.  With Nicci's expert guidance you'll be building a picture of your very own leader within and your biggest opportunity for growth...  

Awaken Yourself

More self awareness is there waiting for you!

Click on the course Welcome Video to hear Nicci share about her vision for the course and  what is on offer!

About Your Coach

Behaviour Change Expert, Leadership Coach & Facilitator

Nicci Statham

Hello, I'm Nicci and I am a passionate and incisive leadership coach/facilitator.  I'm passionate about transforming leadership and business culture through role modelling authentic leadership behaviour and sharp, powerful self awareness.These days I predominantly work in the legal and finance sectors – being a former finance professional myself. I create results through empowering awareness and behaviour change techniques. I work with partners, associates and emerging leaders who want more to achieve one or more of the following:•Transform, propel or step up their leadership style or approach.•Transform their inner confidence, self belief and reduce self doubt.•Increase their leadership capacity. They know they are capable of much more. They want 'more' - to reignite their purpose and passion for their future vision and current role.•Be much more comfortable with their own unique leadership style, how they engage with their team and/or clients - and be the leader they are, rather than adopting or holding a ‘persona’•Reduce frustration with their team not stepping up, thinking for themselves or using their initiative. They no longer want to be consumed daily by questions and running around endeavouring to fit everything inI generally love to work with firms whose leaders or emerging associates want to propel their leadership growth or step-up to a new level in their leadership. I use my warmth, incisiveness, empathy and openness to provide a ‘fertile ground’ in which my clients can explore their capacity and are listened to with an open heart.My coaching and facilitating style is open, direct, encouraging and purposeful...drawing on my depth of knowledge, creativity, enthusiasm and personal wisdom.I have designed and developed this course from all my accumulated knowledge, teaching and personal experience.  I decided to share this with the world because of the difference it has made to my professional life and from the change i have witnessed in others.Go on...what are you waiting for? Jump in!See you there...

What You Will Learn

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  • Self Awareness

  • Self Acknowledgement

  • Self Reflection

  • How to Create Focus

  • How to Create Support

  • How to Create Growth


  • 1


  • 2

    Self Awareness in Leadership

    • Your Self Awareness in Leadership

    • Reflection on Self Awareness

    • Your Biggest Challenge

    • Leadership Style

    • Reflection on Leadership Style

  • 3

    The Leader Within YOU

    • The Leader Within

    • The Leader Within YOU

    • Your Development

    • Homework!

    • Engaging Support

  • 4

    Course Completion

    • Feedback Form

    • Apply for FREE 1:1 45min Course Follow Up Session

    • Apply for FREE 1:1 1.5hr Leadership Programme Group Session

What is On Offer

Include a list of items to support the central theme of your page. Bulleted lists are a great way to parse information into digestible pieces.

  • Awareness of Intrinsic Skills

  • Empowered Choices

  • Personal Insight

  • Focused Development

  • Stronger Sense of Self

  • Proactive Support


Bonus Material

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  • FREE

    Leadership Growth Session


    Free 45min 1:1 Leadership Behaviour Change Strategy Session - you will discover bigger behaviour barriers and how to overcome them

  • Free

    Follow Up

    £350 value

    Free 45min 1:1 Follow up session to review how you will use what you have learned with your next challenge, plus any questions you may have

  • FREE

    Advanced Training


    Free 1.5hr Taster for Nicci’s Group Freedom Leadership Programme. Transform your team’s 'leader within' and leadership capacity