Building Inner Confidence for Professional Impact

Transform your self awareness and leadership capacity.

Master your inner voice

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This is a 6 module course designed to transform your inner confidence.  This course shares a wealth of information and transformational tools for you to practise over time - increasing your inner confidence and mastering that sometimes negative inner voice. 

Getting started with delving into and learning to master your inner voice may seem daunting, but with Nicci's expert guidance you'll be building your inner confidence more radically than you could have ever dreamed of.  

Learn transformative knowledge and techniques to handle the most challenging situations with ease.  

Pretty soon, your inner confidence practise will be the most empowering part of your working week!

Trust Yourself

More inner confidence is there waiting for you!

Click on the course Welcome Video to hear Nicci share about her vision for the course and  what is on offer!

Your path to becoming a master of your inner voice takes commitment and time.  However the more you notice and the more you practise, the more you'll develop the ability to transform your professional willingness, courage and confidence.

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About Your Coach

Nicci Statham

Nicci Statham

Behaviour Change Expert, Leadership Coach & Facilitator

Hello, I'm Nicci and I am an incisive executive coach and leadership behaviour change expert.  I'm passionate about transforming leadership and organisational culture through role modelling authentic leadership behaviour and sharp, powerful self awareness.

These days I predominantly work in the professional, public and non-profit sectors – being a former finance professional myself I have wide ranging experience in many sectors.  

I generally work with leaders who want to achieve one or more of the following:

  • Transform, propel or step up their leadership style and influencing skills 
  • Transform their willingness and capacity to take responsibility for their leadership
  • Transform their inner confidence, self belief and willingness to be authentic (and be comfortable with this) 
  • Transform their ability to welcome and handle feedback, including working towards a continuous learning or 'agile' culture
  • Transform their visionary, engagement and relationship building skills 
  • Be much more comfortable with their own unique leadership style, how they engage with key relationships and their ability to lead from the front 

I use my warmth, incisiveness, empathy, realness and openness to provide a ‘fertile ground’ in which my clients can explore their true reality and capacity - knowing they are listened to with an open heart.

My coaching and facilitating style is open, direct, encouraging and purposeful...drawing on my depth of knowledge, creativity, enthusiasm and personal wisdom.

I have designed and developed all my courses from the depth of my heart...from the knowledge I have gained thus far, the lessons I have learned for myself and from others...and from my own personal insight. I've decided to share myself in this way to enable me to reach more people globally - and because of the difference my learnings have made to my own and my clients lives.

So what are you waiting for? Jump in!

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Any questions?  You can contact me here: 

Skills you will learn

Self Awareness

Slay Your Inner Critic

Debunk Common Myths

Create Confidence

Handle Setbacks

Step Through Fear




  • Welcome! And What to Expect... FREE PREVIEW
  • Learning Outcomes FREE PREVIEW
  • Confidentality
  • What Is Your Purpose for the Course?

Exploring Inner Confidence


  • What Is Inner Confidence? FREE PREVIEW
  • What Factors Affect Inner Confidence? FREE PREVIEW
  • What are the Barriers to Inner Confidence?
  • How Inner Confidence Can Affect Professional Impact FREE PREVIEW
  • What Are Your Barriers?

Building Self Awareness


  • Introduction from Nicci
  • Explore Your Inner Confidence FREE PREVIEW
  • How to Notice When Inner Confidence is Affected FREE PREVIEW
  • Patterns of Thinking - That Inner Voice
  • Explore That Inner Voice
  • Your Inner Voice - Tune In
  • My Inner Voice - My Example
  • Reflection on Inner Voice

Telling the Truth


  • How Can I Handle My Inner Voice?
  • Challenging Your Inner Voice - The Truth
  • What the Truth Looks Like
  • Generating Your Own Truths - Template
  • Generating Your Own Inner Confidence
  • Reflection on the Truth

Managing Setbacks

  • Managing When Inner Confidence Drops
  • Things to Remember...
  • How Will You Manage YOUR Setbacks?
  • Top Tips for Behaviour Change
  • Authentic You

Inner Confidence and Your Career

  • How Can Increased Inner Confidence Grow My Career?
  • How Can I Utilise Inner Confidence to Grow My Leadership & Team

Course Completion


  • Feedback Form
  • Final Reflections
  • Apply for FREE 1:1 45min Course Follow Up Session
  • Apply for FREE 1:1 1.5hr Leadership Programme Group Session

Additional Resources


  • What's in This Section...
  • Brene Brown - The Power of Vulnerability FREE PREVIEW
  • Rules for Being Human FREE PREVIEW
  • Alan Watts - Choice
  • Mindfulness is a Superpower
  • More to Life

What is On Offer

More at ease in your own skin

Reduced self doubt

Reduced anxiety and stress

Increased self trust

Clearer sense of who you are

Tuning in to personal wisdom


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Bonus Material


Leadership Growth Session

Free 45min 1:1 Leadership Behaviour Change Strategy Session - you will discover your barriers and how to overcome them


Additional Confidence Support

£350 value
Free 45min 1:1 Inner Confidence Coaching session to review how you will use what you have learned with your next challenge


Advanced Training

Free 1.5hr Taster for Nicci’s Group Freedom Leadership Programme. Transform your team’s inner confidence and leadership capacity!

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